Anthony and Sons Italian Bakery leverages its modern equipment pool, talented bakers and dedicated management team to deliver a high-quality product to a diverse customer base. From custom automated production lines to hand-made “bench” capabilities, the focus is on maintaining quality, enhancing efficiency and preserving production flexibility.

While baking is part art / part science, Anthony and Sons Bakery is continually striving to improve product quality. From the use of templates (to insure shape and size consistency) to line sampling, no stone is unturned in the quest to identify efficient Quality Control techniques.

Through a well managed delivery fleet, Anthony and Sons successfully services its Fresh Baked Bread customers in the New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania area by way of 50+ dedicated delivery vehicles.

Alternatively, our custom Frozen Bread Program offers flexibility & Nationwide coverage. Feel free to contact us to discuss your needs or browse our Wholesale Products Catalog.


Live Customer Service / Sales Hours:

Mon through Fri 7am - 5pm

Saturday 8am - 4:30pm

Sunday 8am - 4pm

Phone: 973 625-2323

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